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Our Community Commitment

Offering a helping hand to those who need it within our community 

Assess Education was founded as a Non-for-Profit organisation, there to support every child in achieving their potential, regardless of personal or social issues. Over the years, we have grown and even changed locations, but our commitment has never changed and it is still what we work by to this day.

Outside of our alternative school provision, we are also heavily involved with our local community and give back to them whenever we can.

In order to do our job and support every young person to achieve their potential, we rely heavily on donations from our local community and businesses. But we always need more to allow us to do more and achieve our ambitious growth plans. If you feel inspired to #FundAFuture, please contact us.

Proud to give back to our local community

The community where we work are vitally important to us, and we are proud to open our doors to give back to our community.

By working closely with organisations such as the ADDvanced Solutions Community Network, CAHMS, FOCUS and NWCS, we can support more young people to become socially mobile by engaging with education.

A strong commitment to our community

We have strong links with organisations such as the Refugee Council and The BAME Community and as such, have offered places free of charge to English as an additional language (EAL) young people to help them learn how to speak English. We have also funded places for young people from deprived backgrounds to enable them to gain a basic level of education, before supporting them to progress on into further education or employment.

Our belief in giving back is unquestionable, and we want to help our local area to flourish as in turn, we believe that those within the area will also flourish. We see ourselves as being part of that process.


Just as we give back to others, we are fortunate to have the support of local organisations and partners, without which, we would not survive. However, we always need more donations to allow us to positively change the lives of more young people in Liverpool, and so we are asking you to help us #FundAFuture.

  • £20.00 will fund one hour of tuition for one student studying towards their A-Levels
  • £200.00 will fund a space for one student to access alternative education for a week
  • £2000.00 would help us to make cosmetic changes needed within our school
  • £20,000 would help us to buy better equipment such as computers and interactive white boards for our students

However, it isn’t just funding that we rely on, we are always grateful of donations of things such as furniture, art and crafts and paint, which allow us to make our environment as bright and beautiful as possible.

Helping us to help you

If you would like to support our work or would like to discuss using our space for a community group, please contact us today.

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