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Driving pride and achievement in learning

Assess Education is here to empower young people who may be disaffected, disengaged, socially excluded or isolated. We are passionate about supporting young people to achieve their potential and do this in several ways, both academically and pastorally. Our independent, alternative education, which is graded as ‘Good’ by Ofsted, provides a safe and enriching environment for young people aged 11-18 to access high-quality education. This includes entry-level qualifications, GCSEs and A-levels. We also offer tuition.

Our school was formed to ensure that no child is left behind. We want to ensure that we offer the best educational provision that also meets the other needs of our pupils. As such, we have embedded a comprehensive enrichment programme into our delivery, ultimately ensuring our pupils receive a rounded education.

Our alternative, independent education provision


Offering both ESOL and Functional Skills, our entry-level qualifications can be studied in isolation or as part of a broader curriculum.

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We offer GCSE qualifications in the core subjects as well as the likes of Media Studies and Business Studies.

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Taking it a step further, we offer A-Levels in several subjects. Each year our offer is different to adapt to the needs of our pupils.

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How we work

Every pupil is different and therefore will have different needs, learning styles and personalities. We have comprehensive, collaborative and customised learning packages for our pupils which set out to ensure that we understand our pupils and provide the support they need. Our team are well experienced in working with young people with emotional and behavioural problems, and as such, our team really do help change the lives of the young people we work with.

Our inclusive way of working with pupils, parents and partners sees us welcoming those from under-represented groups as well as children on the Autistic Spectrum to our school every year. By taking a personalised approach, we can really support our pupils to overcome whatever barriers to learning that they may have.

2021 Achievement Rates

of our students achieved their Maths GCSE with us in 20/21
our student pass rate for Functional Skills level 1 and 2
Maths & English pass rates for Level 4 and above
of our students progressed on to a positive destination in 18/19


“I hadn’t been in mainstream and I did home tuition and then Skype for a while which built up my confidence to come into school. I feel like I am learning more and I am better at socialising with people.

I feel happier and more accepting of myself now. I’ve had my hair cut, I go to the gym and I’ve made friends. I can do things in school at my own pace and I like learning.”

Next steps

If you or a young person you know would like to work with us to achieve their potential, get in touch.

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