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Offering a tailored A-Level programme to meet the needs of our pupils

We are proud to have centre approval for a number of A-Level qualifications, and due to this, we are able to offer a tailored curriculum package each year for our pupils. This means that our offer is responsive to them and their needs, allowing us to further support their academic progression and aid their career planning.

We are delighted that some of our previous students have even gone on to work within our education setting; using the experience, knowledge and skills that they gained via their time with us to move into employment.

We believe that it is our pupil-centred approach which allows our students to shine, and as such, we have seen countless success stories over the years. We have enjoyed a consistent increase in pupil achievement level across disciplines from GCSEs to A-Level standard and beyond into employment. This tells us that our approach works.

Next steps after A-Levels

After achieving their A-Levels, pupils who have studied with us have gone on to further education in the likes of a college environment, some have secured apprenticeships locally with others securing employment.

As part of our enrichment activities, we work closely with our pupils to understand their aspirations and then help them to achieve these.

Student Testimonial

“I left mainstream school because I was really unhappy and didn’t fit in. I enrolled at Assess to do my A levels and then went on to University. I am now a teacher and know if I hadn’t have been given the chance to move there I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

— GL

Next steps

To discuss our customisable A-Level provision, contact us.

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