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Our Staff

Supporting students to achieve their potential

Our team of friendly and professional staff are committed to upholding our values and mission statement. Each and every member of our team has an important part to play in helping our pupils to achieve their potential, and take pride in supporting young people to overcome personal and academic barriers, so that they can achieve their dreams. Meet the team below.

Management & Administrative Team

Dena Robinson


Dena is the motivation behind Assess Education and without her commitment to changing the lives of young people, we would not be here today. After gaining her headteacher qualification in 2006, she quickly realised that she wanted to work in an environment where students are put first, and so, Assess was founded.

After starting in Allerton Road, Liverpool, with only a handful of students, Dena drove our growth and we soon had 20 students on the books. Shortly after, she registered Assess Education as an independent school and we have since gone on to enjoy year on year growth. Dena passionately believes in the value and importance of adapted provision, which helps to meet the needs of young people and their demands.

Outside of the school environment, Dena is also committed to giving back to our local community, and prides herself on Assess Education being at the heart of the community. She works closely with various community groups and charities, giving her time and resources freely.

Gail Robinson


Gail has worked in schools and colleges as a Pastoral and Safeguarding Manager, having gained experience of working with students from reception age, all the way up to adult learners. Before joining Assess Education, Gail worked in mainstream education. However, she wanted to help those who needed it the most and so sought out a role within an alternative education provider, where the knowledge and skills that she had gained over the years could be put to full use.

Within her role, she aims to keep all of the students who attend Assess safe, and make them aware of the values and morals of mainstream society. Gail plays a vital role in supporting our students emotional and behavioural well-being, she is also our dedicated Safeguarding Lead.

Gail is passionate about her job and really enjoys working with her colleagues, students, outside agencies and parents to support our students. No two days are the same, and this is just how she likes it!

Nikki Holden-Trust


As Finance Manager, Nikki has responsibility for the day-to-day running of income and expenditure for Assess Education. She manages budgets and helps to maintain our status as a Not for Profit organisation, which aims to help young people and our community.

Nikki has a wealth of experience, having worked in school finance since 2000. She qualified as an Accountant Technician in 2007 and is currently undertaking a Chartered Accountancy course which will soon be completed.

Barry Douglas


Before joining Assess Education, Barry was responsible for the development of young people in mainstream education who were disengaged, so it was a natural career move to join us at Assess Education and work within the alternative provision sector. He has now worked at Assess for almost 8 years and has seen our provision diversify into e-learning, which now forms part of his role. This programme was developed in-line with our company ethos of being accessible to all young people, and it has become an integral part of our provision.

David Terry

Business Support & Examinations Officer

David was originally a tuition student at Assess Education from the age of 9, so has first-hand experience of our services and how they can change lives. He returned to Assess after he had completed his further education course, joining our administration team.

David’s main role is to provide IT support, but after undertaking some CPD, he is now also our Exams Officer.

Margie Roseby


Margie has been with us for 5 years, joining us from a teaching position where she taught hairdressing and Functional Skills, but she wanted to have more contact with the pupils to be able to support them more, and so joined us as our Receptionist. She is also our Health and Safety Officer.

Margie’s main function includes the daily registration of pupils, liaison with staff and she has a close relationship with our pupils.

Teaching Team

Jacqui Skinner


Jacqui is affectionately known as our resident ‘mad scientist’ having been with us for six years. Prior to joining us, she was a Deputy Headteacher and had worked with students who had behavioural and emotional problems.

At Assess Education, Jacqui delivers our Combined Science course, supporting students from entry all the way up to BTEC level.

Jacqui has a genuine love of science and keen interest in the natural environment. She wants all young people to be aware of their environment and the world where they live, and as such, has dedicated 30 years of her life to the education sector. She takes a person centric approach to helping young people grow and develop.

Billy Dutton


Billy has vast experience of the alternative provision sector, having worked in it for over 20 years. During this time, he has developed countless programmes that aim to challenge behaviour whilst enhancing relationships, aspirations, confidence and self-esteem.

He has experience of working with young people who suffer from mental health issues, and feels passionately about achieving our objective of supporting and inspiring young people, ultimately helping them to engage with society in a positive way.

Billy has developed a broad understanding and awareness of social issues, community responsibilities and interactions, and champions how our students can transfer their learning into real-life situations.

Nadine Jump


Before joining Assess Education, Nadine taught in a secondary school in Liverpool for 15 years. However, she recognised the importance of providing young people with tailored educational support, and so, left mainstream education to work as an Educational Officer.

After a couple of years, she went on to set-up her own learning centre in Liverpool that provided targeted support for young people before joining Assess Education a few years ago.

Tutor Team

Jean Turner


Jean has worked in the education industry for over 20 years, having worked in a private school as their Business Manager before joining Assess Education seven years ago.

Jean is passionate about education, believing that it holds the key for progression and achievement. She is also hugely committed to providing a high quality tuition service that supports a young person in achieving their potential. She believes in it so much, even her own children and grandchildren have benefited from the tuition service available at Assess.

On a day-to-day basis, Jean deals with tuition enquiries, coordinates our tuition staff and students and liaises with parents with regards to their child’s progress.

Beth Tynan


Beth has been with Assess Tuition for three years, offering tuition in the the core subject areas, as well as Philosophy & Ethics. She has a 1st Class Honours degree in English from the University of Liverpool, and is currently undertaking her Masters qualification to help support her career development and progression.

Beth is dedicated to providing tailored, personalised tuition that meets the needs of the young people who she supports. Over the years, she has helped countless young people achieve their formal qualifications whilst growing in confidence.

Phoebe Scriven


Phoebe has been working for Assess Tuition for a number of years, joining us after gaining a 1st Class Honours degree in Sociology from the University of Liverpool. Like Beth, she is now undertaking higher level studies to support her career development.

Phoebe offers tuition the core subject areas, as well in the likes of Sociology, Philosophy & Ethics and Science.