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Entry level

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Confucius

No matter of prior level, our team can help you to take the first step towards achieving your dreams. We have worked with thousands of people who have struggled with their English and Maths, and through our supportive and friendly delivery, we can help our learners to improve their written and spoken levels, helping to open new doors of opportunity to them.

To support with this, we offer a selection of English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) courses, along with Functional Skills English and maths courses. These courses are designed to support those who have little or no experience of written or spoken language, as well as those looking to gain new skills in these areas.

Language qualifications are available in several languages including Polish, Russian, Arabic and Spanish to name just a few. Contact us to discuss our full range of foreign languages and how we can support you in gaining a nationally recognised qualification.

English Entry Level 1

This course is for learners who are looking to develop their understanding and skills in English. It will help them to acquire an understanding of everyday words, their uses and effects, and support them in applying this understanding in different contexts. This qualification supports learners with their listening, reading, writing and speaking skills.

English Entry Level 2

This course is designed to give learners the knowledge and skills to read and understand straightforward texts, write using correct punctuation, grammar and spelling and listen and respond to others when discussing familiar topics. This course consists of speaking and listening components and is assessed internally without the need for sitting an exam. Students will complete one task which is set by the teacher.

English Entry Level 3

This course includes speaking and listening, reading and writing elements. Like level 2, the speaking and listening part is a task which is set by the teacher. The writing part includes two written tasks with the final part, the reading element being a test. Our team will guide learners throughout the course, ensuring they receive and support needed.

Maths Entry Level 1

This Maths entry level 1 qualification provides learners with a introductory level knowledge in mathematics and how this knowledge and skills can be applied to every day settings.

Maths Entry Level 2

Building on the Level 1 qualification, this qualification aims to provide learners with the fundamental mathematical
knowledge and skills needed for everyday life and within the workplace. The qualification will help learners to carry out simple mathematical tasks.

Maths Entry Level 3

This course aims to equip learners with the problem-solving skills appropriate to the level, and the ability to apply  mathematical thinking to solve problems in familiar situations, ultimately boosting their confidence further when applying mathematics to everyday situations.

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